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Team Tournament

Post by By_Enes »

editing time is approaching, I think the team tournaments.
came the summer is considered.
If we make such tournaments will be better.
I think it may be two competing [ 2 VS 2 ]
participating teams:
- must be actively
- does not exit in the middle of the match
- and the right to play a proper connection.

These teams may be active:
Call_Of_Duty [ Topz007 & Manga only assets]

Warriors_of_Hector [interest in the Forum]

core team, including two people who may be selected from each.
it's up to our Admin [ Remus ] regulation.
I just tried to say it could be a tournament. :biggthumbsup:
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Re: Team Tournament

Post by By_Fatih »

İTs Good Thinks..
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Re: Team Tournament

Post by Remus »

I want to see more active teams first of all.
We'll talk about a teams tournament after that.
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Re: Team Tournament

Post by freekarol »

Remus wrote:I want to see more active teams first of all.
We'll talk about a teams tournament after that.
Thats right. Players also must agree on time to play. :smile:
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Re: Team Tournament

Post by slapshot »

This is actually something I've been considering for a while. I can appreciate all of the hard work that went into setting up such a tournament before. Many thanks to Timberwolf, Remus and all others involved.

But Remus is right, there is no where near the team activity that existed before. So ALL teams need to become more active. Or at least have half the members actively seeking matches with other teams.

Part of setting up a tournament is establishing a "roster" of matches. The teams need to be somewhat evenly matched. That would prove difficult now as there are only about 4 active teams.

Let's see how active all other teams become to determine if we could plan a future tournament.
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